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Pete Wood: Pete is my beloved husband. He is Chief of Operations at the business we run together, First Base Technologies and is a member of various societies such as British Mensa, is a Fellow of the British Computer Society and is a well respected IT security professional and world class speaker. Pete has an aptitude for everything - he also drives an extremely cool motor, which you will see on his site!

Ghostbrain: My husband, Pete, is also a talented musician - check out his music site here.

Frank Hollis: Frank is an erudite, ecclectic eccentric whom I feel proud to count as my closest friend.

Frank's Photos: Frank is also a talented photographer - check out his photos on this link.

Triple M Gheckos: Two of my closest friends, Mike and Michelle, breed gheckos and this is their groovy web site - cute little geezers they are too (the Gheckos!)

Guy Barnes: My brother is an extremely talented guitarist/singer/composer. Check out his business web site - which looks really cool - to find out more about him and his recording studio. I am so proud of him :-)))

Bailey's Blind: A website by a friend, Leanne, about her blind dog. She set the site up because there is hardly any information out there about actual blind dogs (as opposed to guide dogs). I think this is a really cool thing

Astons Timber Treatment & Damp Control: This is my uncle, John Faulkner's, business - specialising in the control of woodworm, death watch beetle and other woodboring insects; also dry rot, wet rot, damp proof course insertion.

Joe Doyle: A talented photographer friend; he did our own wedding photos.

Ivan Chantler: Another talented photographer friend - if you want to buy camera gear, get in touch with Park Cameras and ask for him - he really knows his stuff!

Hells Geriatrics: This is a site conceived and deployed by two old friends, Mark Pilbeam and Linda Noaman whom I also met via the society, Atticus. These two also figured largely in my life when I was going through bad times and I thank them for all their support. Their site is just excellent, no other words needed - if you want to find out more, just click the link!

Stephanie Stahl: Stevie is an amazing, clever lady from "across the pond" who I am proud to count amongst my friends. She has recently written a superb book, "Heart of a Parapsychologist" which you can find out more about on her web site. This fiction has everything in it from romance to science, focusing particularly around the area of parapsychology - a really excellent read that had me reading until the early hours of the morning because I couldn't put it down! No pressure or anything, but when's the next one coming out, Stevie?!

If I have forgotten to do a link for any of you out there who is a mate, I apologise - let me know and I will create a link to your site pronto!

First Base Technologies: This is the firm of which I am a partner. Specialising in IT Security, Consultancy and Training, FBTechies have a large array of high profile clients. The web site has extensive links for IT Security resources.

First Base Techies logo This is a user-group set up by my firm, First Base Technologies, for fellow IT security professional. - Designing Web Sites That Speak For Themselves...: This is the web site of my old web design business. There is still some useful stuff on there if you are in to, or want to learn, web site design. There is a full HTML tutorial along with a sizeable links page for web design resources.

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