A Stranger in A Strange Land

Oft' I have wandered in search of Utopia
Contemplating the existence of Cornucopia
Only to find my fingers prick'd with the thorns of life
Due to the neverending, infinitesimal strife
Feeling my way along the corridors of time
In accordance with Einstein's General rhyme:
Different dimensions requiring different reactions
In my quest for pleasant humanoid interactions
With a cold olive branch in the warm beating hand
I was a stranger in a strange land

Thorn begat ruby gems of living crimson
Flowing down the river like a prophetic vision
That a Pharoah from ancient times beheld
Requiring now that my torn heart be weld
More strongly against further pain showers
Giving me then the invisible but tangible powers
To compete in the rat-race like a greyhound from hell.
For upon this planet be enabled to dwell
In peace and tranquility like shimmering desert sand
To arrive at last in my secure homeland.

© 1997 Didi Barnes. All Rights Reserved.

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