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I love antelopes - probably for the same reasons I love horses - and some antelope have similarities to horses! It is perhaps for that reason that my favourite antelope is the beautiful Oryx (Gemsbok) - shown in the photo above, top right. I am just glad my horse doesn't have horns, especially not like those!

I also have a particular fondness for gnu (wildebeest) (the photo above, bottom right) - probably because everyone else I know thinks they are ugly and I kind of feel sorry for them! Again, not very scientific, but there you go!

The chap on the left above is a waterbuck - just as well they have shaggy coats because this was taken in the Aberdares in Kenya and I never warmed up the whole time I was there (yes, various parts of Africa can actually get quite cold at various times of the year!).

Below are some excellent resources about antelopes:

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