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I picked up the Africa bug early in life as a child when I visited Kenya with my parents. I fell in love with the people, the beautiful and varied landscapes and the incredible diversity of flora and fauna that is to be found there. After that one trip to Africa in the early 70's, I never thought I'd get another chance to return - let alone visit any other countries on that huge continent as well. So, when I was asked if I wanted to go to Namibia with some friends in November 2006, I jumped at the chance to see some of Africa through my adult's eyes...

Since the 2006 Namibia trip, my friend Frank and I have visted Tanzania (July 2007) and Kenya and Zanzibar (Sept 2007). Also in September 2007, we visited Rwanda - a moving and extraordinary trip, not least because we had the once in a lifetime experience of trekking up the Virunga Mountains in Dian Fossey's footsteps and seeing the Mountain Gorillas...

In 2009 (having spent 2008 saving up for another trip to Africa!) we went to Botswana (Okovango Delta and other areas), southern Zambia (to see the Victoria Falls) and a part of Namibia to which we had been intrigued to go: the Caprivi Strip. It was another wonderful African adventure.

This year (2010) we are planning to go back to Kenya with a tour company we haven not tried before - Archers. This company do a trip very similar to the one we did in 2007 and stay at some of the same places which was partly why we decided on Archers.

Anyway, you can read more about our travels - many of these are still being written - on this part of site, and hopefully enjoy the photographs too! Simply use the links below to read more about the trips or skip to the menu further down to see my photographs.

paw Namibia Nov 2006 paw Tanzania Jul 2007 paw Kenya Sep 2007 paw
paw Rwanda Sep 2007 paw Zanzibar Sep 2007 paw

Interested in going to Africa? Well, apart from the links on the individual trip report pages linked to above, click this Resources Page link to whet your apetite and help you decide which African country to visit.

...and to see my photo galleries, click the link below:

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