Zanzibar September 2007 - Travel Log

Saturday 22 September 2007 - Rwanda to Nairobi

From Rwanda, where we had been for a few days, we then had the trip to Kigali airport to get to Nairobi with only 50 minutues to spare for the flight to Zanzibar! We have to run! Nairobi we have to select our luggage on the ramp to say whose is whose! Arrive at Zanzibar, nightmare airport, Frank's bag lost, etc, etc. Problems with hotel, Fishermans' Tours and Travel Ltd, etc. Anwyay, afeter lots of hassle, get to hotel Blue Bay Resort - amazing place.

Sunday 23 to Tuesday 25 September 2007 - Zanzibar

Awesome place. Say about Sunday we do nothirng. Monday we go to the reserve. Tuesday we do nothing except go on a birding walk.

95% of the Zanzibar population are Muslim. Our visit coindided with Rahadhan whereby muslim's fast from sunrise to sunset in order to fulfill the fourth pillare of Islam. During this month of fasting, Muslims abstain from eating, drinking and smoking during the daylight hours. During this time it is considered impolite (for anyone) to eat, drink or smoke in public during the day. Also, public displays of affection such as kissing are considered offensive and offend the traditional and cultural norms of Zanzibar. While Muslims are breaking the fast from 18:15 to 19:15 hrs the Stone Town becomes deserted.

Fisherman Tours & Travel Ltd - became known as fisherman's foes.

Wednesday 26 September 2007 - Nairobi and Home

Get taken to Zanzibar airport, ages messing about checking in, and the security people trying to get money of us! Eventually get to Nairobi, and have an about 8 hour wait for our flight back to London. Thank god for Priority Pass cards so we could sit in the first class Kenya Airways lounge! We sleapt, played on the computer, I had my book taken, we went shopping, I changed clothes into a kaftan I'd just bought, and we sleapt again! Was madly reading and managed to finish a book about a woman who married a Masaii. really good.

DAY 17: Thursday 27 September 2007 - Home

Flight back uneventful and got back to Heathrow on 27th at around 05:30 after a bit of hassle since someone had died on teh lfight and the police ,etc had to come on board and kesion those around the person to make sure it wasn't a dodgy death! It always happens to us!

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