Turkey, March 2006

Turkey Eclipse

At 13:55:22 on Wednesday 29 March 2006, Solar Eclipse Totality occurred in Turkey. Some friends and I watched and photographed this awesome natural phenomenum from the top of the Oymapinar Dam in the Taurus mountains.

I have wanted to experience a full solar eclipse since I was a kid, so it was an emotional experience for me; one that I shall never forget. However, the photographs are merely data (to see them, click the image to the left). To capture the sheer magic of an eclipse, you have to be there...

Turkey is rich in archeological sites and we got to see some of these in the Anatolia region during our visit. There are also many species of birds - unfortunately I didn't get the chance to photograph many, but you can see them in the wildlife gallery listed below.

To read more about our trip and Turkey, please Click Here for a travel log or visit the photo galleries using the links below.

Turkey Ataturk
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