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Yes I know the word "Knabstrupper" sounds funny! But it is an actual breed of horse and rather a rare one at that! You can read more about this rare Danish breed via the links at the bottom of the page.

Anyway, I have had a passion for this breed since I first read about them when I was a horsey child! Not only are they stunning to look at, but they have the most amazing temperaments too. So I had always dreamed of having one. In about 2007 I found I was finally - and fortunately - in the financial position to think about owning a horse. So my quest for finding my dream Knabstrupper horse began...

I trawled the Internet to try and find out where I could get one - and did find several breeders in this country as per the links at the bottom. However, at the time I was searching they were only selling stallions or mares (I have never really got on with mares and a stallion would be difficult to find livery for). So I looked outside the UK and found a lot more - but was scared of purchasing from abroad.

Then I found the UK Knabstrupper Association's web site and e-mailed them. After some searching, they found me my little horse from Germany and the rest, as they say, is history. In May 2008, my handsome Knabstrupper horse, Barolo von Neihaus Hoff (that's him in the photos above) was delivered to me having travelled all the way from Stuttgart. I call him "Rollo" (because he looks like someone has thumbed chocolate rollo sweets all over him!) or also "Spotty Botty" - you can see why! He's a wonderful horse, a great character and a darling companion and I feel privileged to have him as a friend. You can read more about him from the link below:

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Perhaps you are thinking about getting your own horse? Apart from the cost of buying and vetting the horse itself, the link below is a list of all the saddlery and equipment I bought, which might give you an idea as to how much the initial outlay to buy kit actually is! At the bottom is a summary of my weekly, monthly and yearly expenses of keeping my horse. Obviously this is if the horse is on part livery like mine (where feed and bedding are included). Anyway, perhaps it may be useful...

How Much Does Keeping A Horse Cost?

Knabstrupper Links

I intend to add other information here as time permits, particularly as pertains to the wonderful breed of horse called the Knabstrupper. If you want to know more about this amazing and rare Danish spotted breed, there are some links below...

  • Knabstrupper Vom Neihaushof: This is the stud that bred my little Knabstrupper - thank you :-)))
  • About The Knabstrupper (EquiWorld): A great article about the Knabstrupper breed.
  • UK Knabstrupper Association: These people (Lesley Knowles and Susan Bradburn in particular) were really helpful to me - if it wasn't for them, I wouldn't have my horse at all! I think because the breed is still so rare, though it is becoming more popular, anyone that is involved with the breed kind of clubs together and as a result we are kind of a Knabstrupper Fan Club! Anyway, this site has loads of photos and links to all things Knabstrupper.
  • UK Knabstrupper Society: I hadn't seen this one before - another society - I think it is new.
  • Knabstrupper Links: An excellent collection of resources for the Knabstrupper breed.
  • Knabstrupper Link: Another excellent collection of resources for the Knabstrupper breed.
  • Knabstrupper of Independence: The lady who owns this famous stud (Patricia Fallows) has been so helpful to me in obtaining my Knabstupper and has had to endure many phonecalls from me. I wish I spoke German as well as she can speak English!
  • Sartor: Another well-known Knabstrupper Stud.
  • Blacklaw Stud: A stud based in Scotland in the UK that breeds Knabstruppers.
  • Centyfield: Another UK-based stud that breeds Knabstruppers (and other coloured horses).

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